People I have a colourful assortment of friends scattered around the planet. A few who have their own web pages:
  • Maria Alexander, horror author and Francophile, more fun than a barrel of shoggoths.
  • Jacob Appelbaum, photographer, hacker, international man of mystery, and all-around cool guy.
  • Gavin Chait, developing-nations economic consultant and fellow-traveller.
  • Doug Cushman, writer/illustrator of children's books and my former neighbour in Paris.
  • Mike D'Angelo, my favourite movie reviewer, and the one person on this page I haven't actually met, I started reading him more'n a decade ago, long before he made a career out of criticism.
  • Nigel Dickinson, ridiculously accomplished professional photojournalist whose pictures have been published, well, everywhere. Also a fantastic cook.
  • Adam Fritzler, wanderer, coder, Iraq alumnus, and excellent photographer.
  • Dr. Bill Hanage, hip young microbiologist and one of my oldest friends.
  • Matt Hobbs, an ex-dot-com co-worker of mine. He codes, entrepeneurs, wanders, scuba dives, and takes lots of pretty pictures.
  • Neil Katz, journalist, photographer, entrepeneur, graphic designer, bon vivant - there isn't much Neil doesn't do.
  • Elisa Korenne, a fantastic folk-rock singer-songwriter, and great fun to hang out with to boot.
  • Sarah Langan, an old friend and brilliant writer whose third novel, Audrey's Door, has just hit the proverbial shelves.
  • Craig Musselman, old friend and Photoshop artiste extraordinaire.
  • Andrea Mutti, my collaborator on The Executor, and the best thing to come out of Italy since pizza.
  • Jo Walton, another old friend (who I knew for years online before we ever met face-to-face), and a superb writer probably best known for her Farthing trilogy (though her upcoming Among Others might change that...)
  • Cathy Wong, author of a fantastic nutrition book called The Inside-Out Diet, and's Alternative Medicine guide.
  • Sam Young, photographer, video aftereffects instructor, and phlegmatic philosopher. Sam shot my first two author photos (but not my third, 'cause I moved away from California.)
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