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THE EXECUTOR is the story of Joseph Ullen, a washed-up former NHL player who returns to his hometown in upstate New York after he is named the executor of his high-school sweetheart�s will. "One of the 10 best graphic novels of 2010."
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Spinetingler Magazine
As Joseph tries to find out what really happened to Miriam, he begins to unearth both his hometown's darkest secrets -- and his own...
"The Executor is a winner. From its creepy cover to its cathartic ending, it hits all the notes of a top-flight thriller... and delivers a handful of moments so startling, they jump off the page... An expertly done thriller, cinematically told."
� The Onion A.V. Club

"DC Comics' Vertigo Crime strikes again with The Executor, and it is their biggest score yet ... the narrative takes off and never looks back until the final graphic panel ... compelling and emotionally crushing ... don't miss The Executor."
� Pulp Serenade

"A classic yarn ... a tremendous accomplishment in this combination of medium and genre. It's the kind of compelling crime drama that had me eating out of its hand. I hope this isn't the last we see of Jon Evans in comics ... Artist Andrea Mutti offers some truly knockout visuals ... I've read most of the Vertigo Crime offerings, and The Executor is an easy favorite."
�  Paul Montgomery, iFanboy

"Andrea Mutti's use of shadows and ability to really get the most out of the black and white is amazing... Evans has some wonderful characters in this story and the way he weaves in and out of various threads of the plot eventually bringing them all together is almost magic. The ending is bittersweet and yet perfect. Evans has raised the bar for this group of books from Vertigo."
� Crimespree Magazine

"The most successful story produced in the [Vertigo Crime] series thus far ... a well-written, taut mystery that manages to engage far more deeply than one might expect with legacies of race and violence (and repression) ... hard, edgy and quite genuinely surprising."
� The Comics Journal

"One of the 10 best graphic novels of 2010... Has an interesting hook and then goes lots of nifty ways with it ... Evans is too good to allow the book to devolve into an "evil white man" versus "noble Indian" clich�. Instead he gives us interesting characters who refuse to be pinned down ... this line of Vertigo crime novels, after a slow start, has really gotten a lot better. Check out their latest triumph! Strongly recommended."
� Comic Book Resources

"Jon Evans and Andrea Mutti deliver a neat little package about big dirty secrets. This book lingers."
� Brian Azzarello, New York Times best-selling author of FILTHY RICH and JOKER.

"One of the 10 best graphic novels of 2010 ... A tight crime thriller with very clean art that helps the storytelling a great deal. Fast-paced with lots of twists and turns."
�  Steve Higgins, Playback:STL

"A razor-sharp journey into a forgotten town, where the heroes have given up, and all that is left are the broken, and the corrupt. Reminiscent of David Peace's Red Riding Quartet, Evans' prose and Mutti's spare, haunting artwork make The Executor impossible to put down."
� Sarah Langan, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of THE KEEPER, THE MISSING, and AUDREY'S DOOR.

"Vertigo Crime's darkest... The storyline Evans concocts travels all the way down to Inferno's ninth circle, with side trips into attitudes about Aboriginal culture and the downside of running drugs... the final acknowledgement of wrongs that can never be righted smack with the force of a cleanly hit puck."
�  Sarah Weinman, Salon / The Barnes & Noble Review

"In The Executor, Jon Evans and Andrea Mutti have taken many of the time-honored tropes of the Roman Noir--a fallen hero, a lost love, deeply buried secrets--and run with them in a direction that is constantly surprising and refreshing."
� Howard Chaykin, influential writer and artist of AMERICAN FLAGG!, BLACK KISS, BLACKHAWK, and AMERICAN CENTURY.

"Vertigo Crime delivers another pulpy treat ... Both writer and artist perform extremely well by keeping a page-turning pace ... you won't be disappointed."
Under the Radar

"Writer Jon Evans and artist Andrea Mutti practice classic comic-book storytelling ... mystery/noir with a modern twist ... a winner."
� The Alliance Review

"Evans' story is unsettling, laying bare the inhumanity, the anger and the violence that can ruin even the best. The plot is fast-paced and filled with physical action... and if the ending isn't a storybook one, it's more realistic and fitting. Andrea Mutti provides exquisite artwork."
� Green Man Review

"A moody, savage story about the sticky spider web of history bred by small-town betrayals, abuses of power, and miscarriages of justice. It will make you squirm."
� Elizabeth Bear, Hugo Award-winning author of CHILL and THE SEA THY MISTRESS.

"The Executor is full of evil surprises... Writer Jon Evans (Dark Places) is savvy enough to know he must add sufficiently engaging twists on a well-worn path, and does. And Italian artist Andrea Mutti (Nathan Never) is amazingly accomplished."
� Scripps News

"Italian artist Mutti's black and white art complements the bleak shades-of-dark-gray world Evans has created."
Publishers Weekly

"Gritty modern noir... Joe is a compelling character, and there is (a) palpable sense of underlying tension throughout the story."
� Booklist

"Moral compromise, femmes fatales, and a racial angle that doesn�t feel forced in for shock value or political correctness. The art by Andrea Mutti manages to be both clean and hard-hitting. Don�t overlook this one."
� Christos Gage.

"Jon Evans has crafted a fantastic story and engrossing read. Andrea Mutti provides terrific artwork."
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"This is so much more like it! Finally the Vertigo Crime imprint gets firmly back on track ... Jon Evans has got his finger right on the pulse of the bleeding-out artery here. And finally they've brought in someone who can draw again in Andrea Mutti. I'm particularly appreciative of the fact that Evans has allowed Mutti many, many dialogue-free panels just to let the action flow where necessary."
Page 45 Reviews

"Writer Jon Evans laces his graphic novel debut with quick and functional character establishment and a plot that moves deftly, but not sloppily ... the work of Italian artist Andrea Mutti is instantly appealing ... a good read and one of the better inclusions of Vertigo Crime."
� Crave Online

"They say you can never go home, and The Executor is the dark yarn that proves it. In a small town with big secrets, the past just won't stay buried. Everything's connected, everyone has something to hide, and nobody gets out of here clean..."
� Andy Diggle, Author of THE LOSERS and HELLBLAZER.

"The Executor is the ultimate noir thriller--a gripping, heart-wrenching descent into a hellish past that grabs you by the throat on the first page and refuses to let go until the devastating conclusion. Evans has created one of the most memorable anti-heroes of recent years and Mutti's artwork masterfully captures this tragic tale's big and small moments. The Executor should be at the very top of everyone's pull list."
� Jason Starr, best-selling author of THE CHILL and PANIC ATTACK.