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Paul Wood was just a tourist in Sarajevo. Then an unexpected encounter made him a desperate woman's only hope of escape. Now, to get her to safety, he must find a way through the minefield of warlords, criminals, and peacekeepers that is postwar Bosnia.

Pursued by brutal gangsters, unable to leave the country legally, Paul agrees to do a job for a shadowy group of
human traffickers, in exchange for safe passage. The smugglers seem friendly. The job seems harmless. But when he discovers the secrets seething beneath, the repercussions will propel him on a perilous journey around the world - from a warlord's compound in lawless Albania, through the jungles of Latin America, and towards an explosive confrontation at the extraordinary Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert...
"Reading Blood Price reminded me of being a kid running down a too-steep hill, going faster and faster so that you can barely get your feet in front of you quickly enough to stop, loving every second of it. You can't stop. You don't want to stop.... I wanted to keep reading to find out what the hell happened next." � Quill & Quire

"Albanian smugglers, Bosnian guerrillas and Central American drug dealers populate Evans's colorful transcontinental story of self-preservation and harebrained derring-do ... a highly readable, inventive thriller." � Publishers' Weekly

"The real appeal of Evans' hero, Paul Wood (who first appeared in the nail-biter Dark Places) is ... an undercurrent of wry humor that should make readers care about what happens to this fully fleshed hero. [...] A fantastic read." � Booklist

"Terrific ... Evans has a great eye for place and the little details of life that bring us right to the spot."� Globe & Mail

"Despite its sometimes disconcerting insouciance, The Blood Price is knowledgeable about Balkan history, the current fragile peace maintained by NATO and the multi-billion-dollar international refugee-smuggling industry. Evans can write, too." � The Washington Post

"Why do I like these books so damn much? [...] ultimately it's because he puts ordinary people in some incredibly extraordinary circumstances and makes everything work together. The tension's high and the plot twists plenty, but at the heart of this book is what it takes to keep a relationship going -- and that rings truest of all." � Sarah Weinman

"From war-torn Bosnia to the tropic paradise of Belize to the Nevada desert during the Burning Man festivities, Evans moves this action-packed thriller along at breakneck pace until its highly explosive conclusion. Fans of recent down-and-dirty thrillers [...] will thoroughly enjoy this comparable rip-roaring adventure." � The Barnes & Noble Review

"In The Blood Price the backpacking generation go thriller -- and boy, they do it in some style ... Evans is a hell of a writer. I was hooked." � Reviewing The Evidence