October 28, 2009

The Executor by Jon Evans. _Jon_.

This here looks suspiciously like a cover:

cover for the executor by jon evans

I think I really like it.

I also think I like that it's coming out in hardcover. (I was expecting paperback.) But I do not like their innovative spelling of my name. Sigh. Ah well. At least they got it right on the actual cover, and they do generally (though not always) fix this sort of thing before the actual publication date.

eta: aha, it's on Amazon.com as well as those .ca sites above. Go forth and pre-order your little hearts out!

Meanwhile, I intend to commence the rewrite-to-editorial-order of Beasts of New York next week. (Reductive surgery, but otherwise no major changes.) Oh, and Invisible Armies hardcovers are on sale from Amazon.com, for a presumably limited time, for the bargain price of $4.46. (etaa: said price has now skyrocketed back to $19.96. If you snoozed, you losed!)


October 05, 2009

squirrels on parade

I am pleased to announce that Beasts of New York, my epic Homeric-quest fantasy novel about a squirrel in Central Park, which I released online under a Creative Commons license a couple of years ago, will be published onpaper next year by The Porcupine's Quill, a very cool Canadian literary press whose founders were recently awarded the Order of Canada for their "important and enduring contribution to Canadian literature."

BoNY has been doing well online, too; it's been downloaded a respectable 6,000 times from Feedbooks and Manybooks (with no publicity whatsoever save for word-of-mouth - it wasn't even me who put it up on either site) and has, to my surprise, become my most-popular and highest-rated book on Goodreads.