October 01, 2008

fame if not fortune, mine at last

I spent most of the last week in England, Belgium, and Holland, and let me just inflict some pictures on you before I get to the newsy part of this post. Click on any pic to see it bigger:

drowned-bicycle in-brussels dejected-ursus elf-giraffe elephants-charge preying-mantis

As you can see, it was a fantasyland of mythical bicycles, buildings, and beasts.

And I came back to discover that Page Six (how ironic!) of my alma mater's Engineering Alumni Newsletter is all about me. (breaks into song) Me, me, meeeee! I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Brunel! See for yourself. (Warning: that's a PDF link. Here's the HTMLized Google cache.)

And whaddya know, some more pre-lettered pages from The Executor have snuck onto the Internet.

Soon I will blog about some blogging news. How meta! See you then.


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