September 24, 2007

Deutschland strikes back

My favourite Google-translated bits from a bunch of German reviews of Blood Price. There are clearly still a few bugs in the system:


A Menschenschmuggler is found fast, but that does not want money, but Pauls of programming skills. Paul is carried forward to Albania and programs him a Website [...]

The Cover is black-red. On the title page above titles and name of the author stand in large type characters. Among them are the picture of an enormous building and the outlines of humans, who burn both.

This thriller from the view of the unemployed person of programmer and inspired of baking packman Paul is written. Its unemployment rests heavily on it and its relationship with the Bosnierin Talena into a deep crisis led. When the two decide to help Talenas sister it must pull itself on its own tuft from the sump and take responsibility. It goes through scarcely 500 sides an unbelievable development within that. It remains reliable nevertheless and a outstanding identity figure. The circumstances always drive it further and the Coach Potato must position take.

Before the background of the postwar country and the large problems of the war criminals and Menschenschmuggler Evans develops a brutal history, which binds and goes under the skin. Its characters are driven shapes, which act nevertheless humanly and nevertheless time for their completely own problems have.

A genuinly
(sic?) ingenious book, dramatic high voltage of the finest.


This novel fulfills expectations to a small to develop hard thrillers without ambitions greatly literary thereby.

Here Jon Evans catches much atmosphere. The fact that the storyteller draws however constantly penetrante comparisons to American films unfortunately nervt something. Plates are avoided also sometimes rather served as, but since atmosphere and speed outweigh, is easy from the reader to hurt.

A completely important action thread tells the difficult relationship between Paul and its friend Talena, those is strained by Pauls unemployment - it is appropriate for it on the bag -, the American everyday life and by Talenas origin. A hidden topic in the novel is their divided homelessness.
[ed. note: my God, someone finally picked up on the theme of the book!]

The adventurous events in Bosnia are nearly a therapy of their relationship, [...]

The novel is quick and maintenance SAM written, 8 of 10 points is secured and it applies to pay attention to future novels of the author.


Only Paul notices much too late, for whom he actually works - and that it is quasi thereby, the ebay Imperium of the slave trade to create. The background investigated well, the sympathetic figures and not least succeeded the descriptions of cities and landscapes make Evans book an outstanding crime film.


Who reads, buys. Which for an enormous tension elbow, which expectation attitude in the first paragraph! Thus: continue to read! [...]

People smuggling on olympic gold medal level

Sinisa avowedly as its actual mission to channel humans from poor countries into rich. Illegaly, but not immorally. It feels itself in comparable position like „physicians without borders “, „Amnesty international “or UNICEF: Humans of danger, hunger, to bring fear, to release despair and inconceivable poverty it into countries where they receive a chance on a better life. [...]

Noteworthy this thriller is to be represented above all, because it creates it, with the ease Eric of a Ambler the verworrenen Bosnian war understandably and much, very oppressively. Here unbelievable Gräueltaten happened, and many of the war criminals at that time tried on illegal way into the anonymity of the Karibik to be channeled. That makes furious and thoughtful. [...]

And like Jon Evans these glitzernde headlight ELT with its peculiar works of art describes works so unbelievably authentically that we can be safe: It already explored this probably skurrilste happening on our planet as a backpack tourist years ago (guaranteed) genüsslich.


Its history linked apparently detached topics, like e.g. Albanian smugglers, Drogendealer, Guerillas etc. also - world-politically regarded - lapidary problems of a wife, who would like to leave their brutal man, this however only by an illegal departure to create can.


Only the inevitable Showdown is somewhat too long guessed the events and during the Burning one - festivals seem to be very exaggerated and work thus for the reader more and more improbably. Perhaps I give also injustice to the author - I know this festival non however one must naturally for all readers reliable remain and I can simply not believe that it gives a festival also excluding to “through-slammed” participants and visitors. Here somewhat for more would have less surely provided.
[eta: heh. I should have put in in afterword: "No, honest, Burning Man is real and unexaggerated!"]

All in all remains however an extremely exciting and interesting novel with well drawn figures, whose benefit binds to the book and reader lets which dive in problem-free for some hours.


Over night and fog flee Paul and Talena with the heavily fastened Saskia after Sarajewo. There the passionierte Traveller Paul lets contacts play via email its: Buddy Halam does not re-activate a friend and a major in NATO headquarters, Banker Lawrence offers safe, financial support and friend Steve its muscle power which can be underestimated.


Result: Perfectly authentic postwar Balkans scenario. An absolutely recommendable Realthriller, dragging along tells!