February 20, 2007


From today's photo ride:



In the last month I've gotten three unsolicited requests to use pictures of mine for quasi-commercial purposes: the internal newsletter of the company that made this train, a book about wild dogs in Zimbabwe, and an album sleeve for a small record label in Montreal. I said "yes so long as you credit me and mention my web site" to 'em all. I suppose I could just Creative-Commons-license all my shots, but while I don't intend to make money off my pictures, there's something to retaining veto power.

Also, I have finally compiled all my favourites among the shots I've Flickrd into one set. Stare and enjoy.

February 08, 2007

Undead ringer

Link du jour: one of my oldest friends, who's now some ridiculously accomplished researcher at some exceedingly prestigious university, writes about the epidemiology of zombies. Oh, and the flu.

Meanwhile, the arrival of contracts (by email, unsigned, and with my name misspelled, but still) I think means I can finally semi-officially announce that later this year I will be scripting a circa-175-page black-and-white graphic novel titled The Executor for Vertigo Comics for publication hopefully in 2008. (Wow, that was quite a sentence.) It's a present-day thriller set in a small town in upstate New York.