January 14, 2007

2007 and still no flying cars.

1. Like a wimp snowbird, I have fled the Canadian winter and moved to Santa Monica1 'til the end of April. I do like it here. Everything needful is walking distance; you can spend whole days without entering a car, as I did yesterday, which is pretty amazing for LA. We're smack on the border of appealingly seedy Venice, a five-minute walk from the beach - indeed, we can see the shining Pacific from the street outside our complex - and very near both my favourite gym and my favourite office. I will be spending the time frantically rewriting Book Four (the Africa book, very tentatively titled The Teratologist) from scratch, working on the DC project, and maybe flogging my most recently written screenplays.

1basically the beachfront outpost of Los Angeles, for those of you unfamiliar with America's West Coast.

2. Release schedules: the US hardcover, Canadian mass-market paperback, and UK paperback of Book Three (Invisible Armies) will be coming out in June, July, and August respectively (ignore Amazon.ca's not-yet-updated publication date.) July will also witness the release of the German translation of Book Two (Blood Price), imaginatively titled Blutpreis. I'd like to believe that the Japanese translation of Book One will also come out this year, but I don't actually have any idea if this is true.

3. Now that I am in the land of health nuts (the local diner has Bodybuilder Specials) I will eagerly resume my full workout routine, which will probably look something like this:

Sun: Run (sunset runs on the beach, hurrah!)
Mon: Gym
Tue: Yoga
Wed: Gym
Thu: Run
Fri: Bike
Sat: Rest/rollerblade/gym/whatever

Note that no boxing is included yet, but if I find a decent boxing gym/class, it'll probably replace the Thursday run, and maybe occupy another day as well. At the very least, I'll buy some gloves and beat up on the bags at Gold's every now and again.

4. All you Americans must all aim your tuners and TiVos to the Travel Channel this Saturday (the 20th) at 10.30PM for the Montreal episode of Not Your Average Travel Guide, a show hosted/written/produced/directed/shot/edited by my lovely girlfriend K., and featuring a cameo appearance by yours truly. You should also watch her show on Paris the following week (the 27th, at 10PM.) This is of course triply true if you happen to be a Nielsen family.

5. I have written a book about a squirrel. Yes, really.