August 28, 2007

Will That Be Bolivia, Dear Reader, or Myanmar?

Guess what? It's time for a contest. And a vote. Yes, we're gettin' all celebratory and democratic around here.

But first - you'll hopefully be pleased to learn that my fourth thriller, Night of Knives (aka "the Africa book") has been completed and copyedited, and is now officially in the Publishing Pipeline, set for official UK hardcover release on December 13th, just in time for Christmas. (If you're feeling very precocious indeed you can even advance-order a copy from

Now that Book Four is in the can, the inevitable question is, of course: what and where next? Good question. And guess what? It's up to you to answer it.

You see, starting today, and continuing through the end of September, I'm holding an online vote/contest to determine the country in which my next novel will be set, and by extension, where I'll be travelling (and travel-blogging) next. What's more, five lucky winners will receive signed copies of Invisible Armies. Click, read, marvel and vote:

Will That Be Bolivia, Dear Reader, or Myanmar?

Vote early, vote often once!

I suppose I should catch you up on other stuff too. The mass-market paperback of Invisible Armies is now officially on sale in the United Kingdom, and for a very, very reasonable promotional price, too; shop early, shop often.

In the USA, Invisible Armies is available in hardcover, and HarperCollins, in ther inimitable wisdom, have just released The Blood Price as an e-book. Very timely of them, as I have that article on electronic publishing - and its apocalyptic future - in this month's issue of Canada's acclaimed international newsmagazine The Walrus.

Meanwhile, my free online serialization of "the squirrel book," aka Beasts of New York, continues apace - we've reached Chapter 40, and are nearing the halfway mark.


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