July 02, 2007

O Kirkus, all is forgiven

So Invisible Armies was reviewed by Kirkus Reviews about six weeks ago. I figured the absence of a congratulatory note from my publisher meant it was a negative review (Kirkus is famous for being cranky), and anyways it would pop up on the bn.com page soon enough anyway. Well, said review has resolutely failed to appear, so today I went hunting around for a free online source for Kirkus Reviews, because I wasn't about to pay them forty bucks to read one (presumably negative) review.

O fellow writers, please note, to my and perhaps your amazement, such a source actually does exist: NoveList. (Just ues their search form.)

Anyway, to my further amazement, it's actually quite a nice review: Cyber-spacey thriller about good-guy hackers vs. bad-guy hackers, the fate of the planet hanging on every click ... Evans is clearly at home among the exuberant, idiosyncratic Cyberniks, and — occasional dollops of melodrama aside — he makes their world fresh and entertaining.

(I'm not going to post the review's full text here because it contains some spoilers for the book, but if you like you can look it up yourself at that link above.)


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