July 19, 2007

comedy in translation

This - according to Google Translator - is a review of The Blood Price, which was just published in Germany (and in German):

Well investigated travel thriller with Action

Jon Evans second book with his hero Paul Wood is exactly the same dragging along like its Erstling “deadly path”. Paul was there still as a baking packman in Nepal on the way, he describes this time the Bosnia drawn by the civil war, drives with us to Albania, into the Karibik and to COUNT down on the famous artist celebration “Burning one” into Arizona. Evans urgently describes the situation in ex Yugoslavia and the tensions, which are still present under the ethnical groups there. Even if sometimes the action hooks somewhat, one marks to it that he argues much with his topics (usually even locally) and authentically reported on it.

Naturally there is also this book a actionreichen Showdown to hope in which Paul and its friends the thing into the hand rather takes, instead of for the police. Who does not know thus its books yet and on travel thrillers with Action, investigated well, stands, that should change immediately. Immediately!

**** out of 5
Silke Schroeder, themenguide.de, 17.07.2007

I do love that exhortation at the end.


Blogger Lynn said...

That's hilarious. But so unintelligible that if the 4 out of 5 stars wasn't there, I'd have been left wondering if they loved it or hated it. Makes me want to send it to a German friend and get him to translate!

7:43 PM  

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