April 23, 2007

pixel-stained technopeasant

Little bits of news:
  • I'm about to hand in my fourth novel, The Night Of Knives, aka "the Africa book." And boy, am I glad - I've been working on this one for some eighteen months now.
  • Last week I signed and sent off the contracts for my next project: a graphic novel for DC/Vertigo entitled The Executor. Gonna start work on that in one week's time.
  • My article Blood, Bullets, Bombs and Bandwidth just got Slashdotted. I am pleased.
  • I appear to be notorious in Nepal.
  • My Super Sekrit Projekt - super sekrit because you'd never believe me if I told you - is sitting on the desks of a half-dozen US publishers, and with luck I'll have more to say on that in the none too distant future.
  • My other Super Sekrit Projekt is under consideration by my agents and publishers. I can say no more for now.


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