April 01, 2007

england, spain, haiti

London gothic.

Inside an ancient Roman amphitheatre.

Cathedral ghosts.

The Giralda.

Cemetery murals.

Jacmel beach.

Full set here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jon, I'm reading your book "Trail of the dead" at the moment.. I'm half way through and I'm loving every twist and turns.. By the way, I'm a Nepali guy in UK. :)

At this moment I'm doing nothing, I guess you know how that feels (I quickly read your bio) and I have read about 10 novels in the last month and YOUR BOOK IS THE BEST so far.. (Just wanted to let you know that. Just the fact I bothered to find you on the net says it all and frankly, I don't remember the authors or titles of other the books I've read)

Writing to you feels like I'm talking to Paul Wood :). I've been reading the book the whole day and writing this comment from a cybercafe.. haha to bad I don't have a parang with me to keep me company... I will have to settle for our Nepali knife, Khukari.:)

By the way, the way you have described our Nepali Police is so true.. :) Yes, sadly no CSI in Nepal but I guess, they are good at getting confessions from the innocents.. :)

I don't usually leave any comments on blogs but today, I feel like I know Paul Wood so I am making an expection. I have a blog too and I see your pics are in Flickr and you link it to your site, I do the same.. and the border around your pics, I do the same.. :) haha I already feel like a groupie ..

The only sad think I find reading your book is, being a Nepali from a Third World Country I could never hop on a plane and travel the world.. :( However, I am luckier than most other Nepaliz :|

I look foward to finding your other books and reading them.. and I will be keeping and eye on your blog.. :)

--wanna be anonymous nep guy--

2:45 PM  

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