August 09, 2006

more IA reviewage

Not that HarperCollins told me about any of these - don't they have a clipping service? - fortunately, I have a friend who works for the CanWest empire.

Calgary Herald: If you're the sort to get easily paranoid, you may want to approach Jon Evans' latest book with caution. [...] Evans has created a new genre, the travelogue as fast-paced action thriller. Invisible Armies is certainly fun, with its quirky characters and lively plot, but it is also a smart and thoughtful look at the politics of activism, the pervasive power of big business and the global street war that is being waged between the two.

Vancouver Province: Montreal-based Jon Evans weaves the unlikely components of globalization and corporate exploitation of the Third World into an unpredictable, frightening thriller. [...] There's a kind of appealing chaos theory to Evans' books, which tend to unfold in ways surprising to veteran thriller readers who think they can figure out where things are going. GRADE: A

Kitchener-Waterloo Record: Waterloo-born and university-educated Evans tells a heck of a tale. Globalization protesters, political intrigue and adversarial computer hackers; what's not to like? Invisible Armies is an adrenalin rush from start to finish and Evans has Andrew Pyper's ability to make great characters.

Sherbrooke Record: An action-based thriller for conspiracy buffs. Montreal writer Jon Evans has served up a fast-paced tale that moves from India to Paris to Las Vegas, as Danielle Leaf finds herself in the middle of a war between a multinational mining company, third-world farmers, and a legion of anti-globalization protestors. In a world in which black is seldom black and white is never white, it seems everyone is prepared to use violence to obtain their goals.


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