August 22, 2004

I'll be spending the next few months living in Paris. Because, well, I could, and it's Paris.

I'm pleased to report that DP/TOTD has recently received a spate of excellent reviews from publications as august as The Times of London, as far-flung as Hong Kong's South China Morning Post, and as, um, capitol-of-Canada as the Ottawa Citizen.

Other reviews:

"A well-paced thriller with plenty of twists and some creepy moments that keep the pages turning." - Time Out London

"A compelling thriller about the mysterious deaths of travellers in Third World countries, committed, the lead character suspects, by other Westerners" - TNT Magazine

Chosen by Metro Today as one of their 'Top Summer Reads'.

"A sharp debut that never lets up on the tension, with a denouement that is both shocking and utterly right ... Jon Evans ... isn't about to develop into something special - he's already there." - January Magazine

"It's very, very good. If you are au fait with the lore and background of international backpacking, it's probably even better ... Will there be more? I certainly hope so." - The Globe & Mail

A reminder: DARK PLACES/TRAIL OF THE DEAD is shipping from, and Shop early, shop often.

I'm not sure when the Mystery Ink interview will run, nor, for that matter, how coherent I sounded in it. I'll let you know when I know the former; you can fill me in on the latter.